Chris Gordon (Headliner)
Emerging from his mother's womb making laser beam sounds (pew! pew!) it was apparent that laughter would follow Chris Gordon his entire life. Chris is a magical and majestical, rising star in the comedy galaxy; however I credit most of his success to his 1950’s bigboy space-hair. Chris' Personal Saga: It wasn't always easy for Chris as he grew up in the mean white suburban streets of an upper-middle class neighborhood. Now a single mother, he is a part time teacher and also runs an after school comedy program for kids. Chris has been compared by television producers to a young Harland Williams and by comedians as a beardless Zach Galifianakis. His brand and style of comedy has been described as, " slightly off to the left of center" or "very unusual (as usual) and very funny... it's what really sets him apart from the pack." He is seen as current, hip, inventive and always writing which gives him an improvisational feel and a strong connection with the crowd. Two months after starting comedy, Chris was asked to perform at the Rocky Mountain Comedy Festival and became a festival regular. In his first year of comedy he hit the airwaves nationally as he was selected as the host's "#1 Pick in the Country" on CBC's "So You Think Your Funny?". This past summer Chris represented Calgary in the Homegrown Competition at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. You may also recognize him from appearing nation wide as "Rocket Man" in a new Coors Light commercial and was recently featured in the Toronto auditions of NBC's Last Comic Standing. In 2009 you can watch Chris on Global TV in his own show. Chris has trained and performed at the prestigious Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA, at the Groundlings Theatre in LA, as well as the Improv Olympic in LA. Chris Gordon is a crowd favourite and has audiences coming back week after week to see what new idea he has in store for them. He was a finalist in Yuk Yuk's $25,000 Great Canadian Laugh Off and is a regular winner of Yuk Yuk's Most Extreme Comedy Challenge as well as The Laugh Shop's Comedy Contests. Will he be wearing his pajamas? Will he have a shirt on? Will he sing you a love song? Will he grow a beard? The only way to find the answers to these questions and more is to come see him, live. If Tony Danza would finally accept an invitation to one of Chris' shows, I'm sure he would approve and say, "Chris Gordon is one of the funniest characters since I played Anthony Morton 'Tony' Micelli on Who's the Boss...I'm Hilarious."

Craig Fay
Craig fay is a comedian, and this is his “Comedy Bio”. What’s a Comedy Bio? It’s a list of accomplishments designed to convince you he’s funny, because nothing is more hilarious than reading a list of boastful facts. So here it goes: He’s performed at the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival in New York City, was named Funniest Torontonian at the JFL42 Festival in Toronto, and was part of the world famous Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. If none of those comedy festivals sound familiar that’s okay. If none of those three major North American cities sound familiar it’s both a scathing indictment of our education system and an indication you’d be better off with entertainment that doesn’t involve “getting” things. Craig has appeared on television (iChannel’s No Kidding), radio (CBC’s Laugh Out Loud) and has even written a humourous guest blog for Scientific American.