Trixx (Headliner)
It's no secret that Trixx is known more for comedy than controversy, always hitting the stage with big laughs, leaving the audience wanting more. A finalist in The Great Canadian Laugh-Off, this performer has proven time and again that he's not only funny, but also insightful and multi-talented. As one of Canada's next generation of up and coming comedians, Trixx is already developing quite a following via the college circuit, corporate and concert events, and comedy clubs across the nation. A naturally gifted entertainer, Trixx has been blessed with the enviable talent of being able to connect with his audience, regardless of race, age or gender. As a regular on Much Music's Video On Trial and Stars Gone Wild, fans across the country have gotten to know and love Trixx and his hilarious trademark characters. Already a respected performer, he has opened for Aries Spears (of MadTV Fame)and Sugar Sammy (HBO Canada), and is a favorite at the Nubian Disciples of Comedy, hosted by Kenny Robinson. An avid student of pop culture and observer of life, Trixx offers his unique, fresh and witty perspective on anything and everything, from relationships to race relations, and the hard truths of day-to-day life. As one of the most sought after performers for various events and comedy stages across Canada, he's also been called to stages in New York, Boston, and London,England; and was a performer at the 2008 Jamaican International Comedy Festival.

Mike Dambra
Mike Dambra has become famous for, nay, almost dependent upon, a joke so politically incorrect it can cause even insensitive boors to swoon in shock – a routine about retards. That’s right: Retards. Being from New York is his excuse for using the word “retard” instead of “special needs” or some such – he uses the word “homo,” too – but the Edmonton-based comic has a deeper agenda. At the Laugh Shop Friday and Saturday, Dambra is expected to pull out the popular “Pickle Bit.” The routine was born when a female heckler objected to his using the word “retard” in an otherwise unrelated joke many years ago. Apparently she got so mad she flipped a table over. As is the case with almost every comedian’s personal experience, Dambra got to work, searching for the humour. Voila! The Pickle Bit.