Darryl Purvis (Headliner)
Originally from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, Darryl Purvis always wanted to be a comedian. He began, maybe unknowingly, training for his future by taping The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Late Night with David Letterman every night. After school the following day he would repeatedly watch their monologues and perform while his friends (both of them!) would do homework. By middle school, he had moved on to acts of their guests ranging from youngsters such as Seinfeld, Leno, Roseanne Barr and others. When the TV was off, he would secretly write his own jokes about the day's current events, trying them out on his friends at school ... a class clown was born. After high school, Darryl took the normal route into the world of stand-up comedy...he went to St.F.X.U. and received a business degree. After "fast tracking" through the 4 year program in only 7 years, proving that he even excels at quitting, Darryl made the move to Toronto. In march of 1998, after four rye and gingers, he was on the amature night stage at the famed Yuk Yuks Comedy Club. With his first words on stage "so my penis fell off, let me explain..." there was no looking back. After about a year of open mics combined with improv classes at the legendary Second City, Darryl became a regular at the Laugh Resort, another of Toronto's great stand-up institutions. A nomination for the Tim Sims Award would follow shortly after. The award meant his first appearance on national television as apart of Cream of Comedy on Canada's Comedy Network. That was just the beginning. Since his first tv appearance, he has starred in his own national special , Comedy Now and can boast appearances on CTV, CBC, The Comedy Network, and Much More Music in addition to a half dozen spots on national radio. Based in Toronto and still a regular at The Laugh Resort, Darryl can be seen at comedy clubs across Canada and the United States. Check his upcoming shows to find out when he will be in your area.

Scott White
Born in Dearborn, MI, just outside of Detroit. Scott started doing comedy in his first year of college. He took on a partner, entered a contest and came in dead last. It took another 10 years to get back on the stage. After 25 brutal winters in Michigan Scott moved to Houston, Texas and began his way back on the stage with stand-up comedy. Well, as it is stated in the comic rule book, you need to wait tables before you can start doing comedy full time which he did. When the resturant closed its doors Scott figured this was a good jumping off point, and so started doing comedy full time.